Fresh Plant-based Milk with the touch of a button

Welcome to the Next Generation of SMART Home Plant-based Milk Maker

We're excited to unveil Gen N, the latest innovation from Nutr, designed for the modern, health-conscious consumer. This revolutionary machine makes it effortless to brew pure plantbased milks right in your kitchen. Say goodbye to store-bought options with stabilizers, thickeners, preservatives, sugar and non-recyclable packaging. With Nutr Gen N, you can elevate your lifestyle with the touch of a button.

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Leading the Plant-Based Revolution

With the ever-evolving landscape of plant-based milks as a backdrop, Nutr is poised to become a changemaker in the industry thanks to their innovative home beverage technology advancements.


Endless Recipe Possibilities to Explore

This all-in-one wonder can create a variety of food and beverage options. Try any non-dairy milk, including heat-required options like rice and soy milk, as well as soups, smoothies, and baby food.


The Future of At-Home Convenience

Embrace a new era of convenience and quality with Nutr’s innovative solution. By providing a simple and efficient way to make your own fresh beverages, you can take control of what goes into your body.


Effortless Self-Cleaning Made Easy

Equipped with an automated self-cleaning system that uses a combination of high pressure spray, steam rinsing, and a high temparature wash to keep the Nutr Gen N clean and residue free


Easy to Use, Advanced Technology

Start the process in advance, up to 24 hours, to have recipes ready ahead of time. Each function is directly controlled by one button, reducing cumbersome operation and making it easy to use

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Alicia Long


Alicia Long is a trailblazing entrepreneur recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the top 200 women founders. With a passion for health and wellness, Alicia leads Nutr in revolutionizing plant-based nutrition, making healthy living accessible and sustainable for all.

Dane Turk


Dane combines his mechanical engineering background with visionary leadership to drive the company's mission. Leading operations, Dane ensures Nutr's innovative plant-based nutrition solutions are both efficient and effective.

Matt Roberts


Matthew is a Cornell PhD and seasoned innovation executive with over 25 years at Nestlé, Abbott, and NBTY. With extensive experience in driving growth in the food, pharma, and nutrition sectors, he excels in hands-on leadership and strategic innovation, shifting the nutrition industry landscape.

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With Generation N by Nutr, the future of non-dairy milk has arrived. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of this groundbreaking innovation. Join us on Kickstarter and secure your exclusive discount today.

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